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The Purple Beast 3.0

The latest incarnation of the beast, and probably the best yet.  A few tweaks left to do still, but it is oh so nice.  Turns out if you put pieces on you actually like the whole thing comes together.

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I photographed a series of ring stacks last week that TWIST is using for their current homepage images, as well as other printed pieces and digital signage for the Seattle store.  Good stuff.

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Colorful Things

Cool little series I made yesterday for the TWIST homepage.

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the purple beast

I like bikes.  I like bikes a lot.  This particular beauty is my work horse.  I’ve spent the last couple of years riding it and curating its collection of parts.  Like a true piece of art, it will never be … Continue reading

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Light Bulb Study

While doing some work on Monday night, a bulb burnt out.  The thing was way too interesting to not photograph…

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