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The General 2.0

Took these pics of The General at the beginning of last cross season.  This is it in full race trim.  There’s been a couple tweaks to the set-up since these photos.  Updates to come, eventually…

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The Purple Beast 3.0

The latest incarnation of the beast, and probably the best yet.  A few tweaks left to do still, but it is oh so nice.  Turns out if you put pieces on you actually like the whole thing comes together.

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don’t criticize it.

I helped out my friend’s Kim and Adam with their Kickstarter Campaign a little while back.  Check it out or see what they’re up to on the Facebook.  If you’re feeling in the mood, throw some support their way and … Continue reading

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some new old ones…

I took these photos way back in February, and forgot I had them until I put on my shirt this morning only to discover a memory card…  The sheer cuteness of these two may be overwhelming to the faint of … Continue reading

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I photographed a series of ring stacks last week that TWIST is using for their current homepage images, as well as other printed pieces and digital signage for the Seattle store.  Good stuff.

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