Getting Heroic

This last weekend was the 2nd year of Eroica California, and my 2nd time riding (mostly riding anyway) the “heroic” route.  I had a single goal this year, come in faster than I did last year.  So naturally I came in a half hour slower…  I did, however, stop and take a lot of photos this time and have to deal with a flat.

The threat of rain all weekend was ever present, but the cycling gods were kind.  There was just enough precipitation to keep most of the dust down when the pavement ended.

I had a great time on an awesome route.  Rode with a friend I met on this ride last year and made some new friends this year.

Anyway, enough words, more pictures…

THE CONCOURSE:  Lots of cool, vintage bikes on display.  Lots of cool details.160409_eroica001160409_eroica002160409_eroica003160410_eroicaDYP_01160409_eroica010 160409_eroica007160410_eroicaDYP_02160409_eroica005


PRE-RIDE:  I rode most of the short course on Saturday afternoon to see it in the light.160409_eroica014160409_eroica015160409_eroica016160409_eroica017160409_eroica018


THE RIDE:  It took one donut, a handful of french fries, multiple bananas, a hamburger, a taquito, many energy bars and Cokes, one margarita, some water and a beer to get through all this…160410_eroica019160410_eroica020160410_eroica021160410_eroica024160410_eroica025 160410_eroica026160410_eroica028160410_eroica029160410_eroica030160410_eroica032160410_eroica033160410_eroica034160410_eroica035160410_eroica036160410_eroica037160410_eroica039160410_eroica041

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